Walt Benecki

Articles Published

The following articles written by Mr. Benecki have been published in Magnetics Business & Technology Magazine:

NdFeB Magnet Prices Should Increase in 2018 (Winter 2017)

The Permanent Magnet Industry Reference Book (Winter 2016)

What the Heck Happened to the Magnet Industry? (Winter 2015)

Hitachi Metals Ltd. - The Magnet Industry Newsmaker (Winter 2013)

Permanent Magent Industry Outlook - 2013 (Winter 2012)

What Rare Earth Crisis? (Winter 2009)

Rare Earths are Becoming Rare! (Fall 2007)

One Final Overview (Summer 2006)

A Potential North American Source for Rare Earth Oxides (Spring 2005)

Another Year of Significant Change in the Magnetics Industry (Winter 2005)

A Revitalized International Magnetics Association (Fall 2005)

New Magnetic Applications (Summer 2005)

JABM 2004 Symposium Highlights Raw Materials and China (Spring 2005)

Is The Era of Industry Consolidation a Thing of The Past? (Winter 2004)

2004 China Symposium Highlights Recent Industry Trends (Fall 2004)

What is That Light at the End of the Tunnel? (Summer 2004)

NdFeB Conference Highlights Recent Technology Advancements (Spring 2004)

The Automotive Transition Has Hardly Gotten in Gear....Why? (Winter 2003)

A Call for More Industry Innovation and Technical Investment (Fall 2003)

China's Impact on Your Business: What Should You Do? (Summer 2003)

China Mag 2002 Confirms China's Dominance in Magnetic Materials (Spring 2003)